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About Flourish Woodstock Coupons

    FlourishWoodstock.com's Coupon Directory Service for local, family-friendly businesses is launching!

    Flourish Woodstock Coupons

    Are you a Woodstock business owner looking for an innovative way to reach new or returning customers?

    Everyone loves a coupon deal, and the Flourish Woodstock initiative is now giving you the opportunity to offer customized, digital coupons — commission-free —  that can be redeemed on your customers’ cell phones for free! 

    Make your business a favorite for site visitors as they look for coupon buttons in your listing or in the menu bars at the top of the home page.  

    Benefits of this digital coupon platform:

      • Customers have an easy & free way to redeem coupons at checkout;

      • Business owners have an automated process to

        • invite people in,

        • follow-up with subscribers to ensure higher redemption rates, and

        • measure the return-on-investment of marketing dollars. 

    How It Works:

    1. Claim or submit your listing on FlourishWoodstock.com.

    2. Upgrade your listing to premium (50% off during the launch period of this Flourish Woodstock initiative kick-off — Hurry, offer ends soon!) 

    3. We’ll create a customized, digital coupon (designed with professional graphics) for your business and put the coupon button on your listing.

    4. We’ll drive traffic to your listing and offer, including a custom-designed Facebook post with your coupon for you to share with your followers on your FB business page. 

    5. Customers will select your offer from the coupon directory.

    6. We send your potential customers reminders via texts and emails to redeem your offer.

    7. The customers bring their mobile devices to you when they’re ready to pay so you can assign value to your digital coupon offer.

    8. After redemption, we send a follow-up message to your customer. We can send another offer or ask for a review!

    9. At the end of your month-long campaign, we’ll send you the results of your digital coupon outreach to our community. You’ll learn how many people subscribed, the number of redeemed digital coupons, and most importantly, you’ll see the value of our marketing efforts — your return-on-investment revealed!

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